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The Real World: Denton

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11/26/04 08:21 pm - dancercolumbia

*wrinkles nose* Who's the new guy? Geek City, if ya ask me. Those glasses, that haircut, those clothes....

Too bad - he'd almost be cute otherwise. Maybe he's hidin' somethin'....

11/15/04 03:45 pm - diva_frank

I saw him. Square as rectangular fuck.

He didn't see me, as I was peering from above the stairs. Certainly not someone I'd want to meet in a dark alley. He'd probably give me pamphlets about being a better Republican.

Not entirely unfortunate-looking, I must say. He could use some eyeshadow. I could flip that boy upside down.


11/15/04 03:25 pm - plaid_majors

I made my way to the house around noon or so. I don't know who else is here already. I know that I wasn't the first to arrive, or the first chosen.

It was silly of me to do, this contest thing where I live in this how with gosh who knows who else. I hope they're at least nice people.

I'm doing this out of research, really. If I'm going to be a top dog at a big firm, then I had better learn to mingle with the unwashed masses. Of course, I'll be extremely open-minded with them. Gee, I hope everyone there speaks English.

I brought a book with some phrases I might need in other languages, but that is so bothersome. Maybe there will be some nice young women, there as well. Heh. I'm such a rascal.

Ah, well. My bags are in the foyer and I'm going to look around now. Let's see what this drafty old place has in terms of hospitable bedrooms.

10/16/04 02:34 pm - diva_frank

Alright... That does it... Who drank my Chateau Lafite?!

There will be blood on the carpet tonight!

10/1/04 05:44 pm - riffofraff

Well, I am here. Here I am. For what that is worth. At this moment, I am not sure.

I let myself be talked into this, and now I find myself occupying the servants quarters in a drafty old castle. Where is the justice?

Real World - Denton? A castle in the real world? Give me a break!

But so be it. It's not like I was really doing anything with my life anyway. Other than drinking.

So, let's give this a whirl, shall we?

he closes his journal and begins to unpack what possessions he has brought with him

9/26/04 06:43 pm - diva_frank

The redhead? Fabulous. She's a doll, really. I mean, yes, she could use some slight make-up tips, but she's not entirely unfortunate. Now, the eyebrows... scrupulous! I mean, positively enchanting.

There's someone else wandering around here. Apparently Columbia's roommate. Must see. Meeting new people always excites me.

Seriously, though, I love estrogen, but I wouldn't mind some male companionship, either.

9/23/04 07:17 pm - mystic_magenta

She looks around, smirking, highly amused by it all. Her flame red hair is all over the place, very visibly untamed, not even a comb run through it.

After finding the room that will be hers and setting everything up, decides to write in her journal.

Well, I am here in this drafty, cold castle. I love it. My room is adequately decorated with dust, dirt, and spiderwebs, but I'll need more. Evil cackle. There are someone else's things in this room, I guess I have to share. The master bedroom was already taken. The only thing that really perplexed me was... tap shoes?

I am very glad that I chose to do this. I think I will have a lot of evil fun amusing myself with the other people living here. I haven't met them, but based on what the producers said to me, I can only assume they're going to be delicious.

I got a phone, they told me I had to have one as part of this... experiment.
So feel free to call me. I don't bite. HARD
Mystic x Magenta

9/22/04 07:17 pm - diva_frank

Those silly cameramen are wandering around... It's quite sexy. And annoying. But that they could just about anything that happens in this house is quite... charming.

I was minding my own business in this bizarre middle eastern styled room that smells like tokes and cumin. I smoked some cloves and contented myself at watching some badly dubbed french film on the telly when I heard clacking in the hallways.

Did someone come in here wearing tap shoes? I glanced at the doorframe to see the intruder.

9/22/04 06:41 pm - dancercolumbia

Wow, a castle! They told us it was gonna be ritzy, but wow. I think I'm gonna like it here. Don't know why there's a castle in this stupid little town, though. Musta been some crazy old rich guy thought it would be fun to build one or something. Not that it matters.

It's all dusty, though, and I'm not cleaning it. Let someone else do the dirty work. I have things to unpack and dance steps to practice. Maybe one of the new people'll clean when they get here. Hopefully they get here soon.

I'm not the only one here, either. There's some guy named Frank, but I haven't met him yet. Can't wait to see what he's like, though, and everyone else when they show up.

My room's nice, but I guess I'll be sharing once the others get here. Hope my roomie's nice, and doesn't mind if I practice my tap. I need to practice my steps, or else I'll never get any better. Since I can't go to class while I'm here, the best I can do is practice what I know. There's a big ballroom - maybe we can have a talent show. Yeah, I'd be good at that.

I'm getting bored. Maybe I'll see if I can find this Frank guy.

9/20/04 08:28 pm - diva_frank

I don't know entirely what posessed me to sign up for it. But I decided it'd be a lark, and I'd get to meet some interesting people. When I found out that I got in, I was pleased. And then I found out we were going to Denton. Denton, where there's nothing to do at all.

But they've found us a castle, which is delicious, and I'm now once again looking forward to it. When I arrived I was surprised to see that I was the first one there. But you couldn't mistake; I was definately in the right place.

I surveyed; a dining area, a lavish ballroom, a huge wide open pink room, few bedrooms. This wouldn't be appaling if it wasn't absolutely covered in dust and disrepair. Seriously, I hope there will be a cleaning crew of some sort! I don't know how we're expected to live in such a place.

I chose the master bedroom since I was first and all. A quick count showed that people would have to share. Well, it certainly won't be me! Waiting for the others, I discovered a note that said that each visitor was coming from a different area so it may be days before we're all here and settled. I suppose I'm here to fend for myself. How... phenominally boring.

Ah, let's see if the kitchen's stocked any. Cheers.
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